Dhaibung Village Needs Immediate Help

A Dalit Village in Dhaibung VDC Rasuwa Needs an Immediate Help

We recently received the following report from Saraswati Pratikshya, and reports like these are helping us to target Sansar Nepal’s aid efforts…

Rasuwa’s Dhaibung VDC (Village Development Community) is the one that has equally been stricken by the notorious Earthquake, among its 18 other VDCs in the district. The village has a population of 3880 people living in 724 individual households. Almost all the houses are reported to be collapsed. 

Ward No. 1 of Dhaibung VDC is inhabited by Dalits, the so-called untouchable castes. This Ward alone bore all 42 houses shattered and 2 dead. The whole villages now smells with pungent odor from the rotten live stokes buries under the debris. The epidemic spread is prone. The villages lost all their grains buried in the ruins. The VDC, has not yet been visited by the rescue team of any kind till May 6. The Dalit Village utterly needs Sheltering Tents, Food, Medicine and Clothing. The pregnant woman, senior citizens and children are suffering pathetically. 

Those interested to visit the Dalit Village with relief materials can contact Mr. Bishwash Nepali, an inhabitant of the village. 

Rasuwa itself is one of the highly affected districts by the disastrous earthquake in Nepal. More than 300 people died with almost all the houses leveled to the ground. The district, with Dhunche as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,544 km² and has a population (2011) of 43,300. As per census 2011 total households in Rasuwa district is 9,778. The headquarter Dhunche is about 120 km from Kathmandu.

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