Donate To A Project

If you are not able to commit to sponsoring one of our students, perhaps you would consider making a small monthly commitment to support the other important functions of The Garden…..

The large property we rented in 2013, which became The Garden, was chosen with several purposes in mind.

  1. To provide a safe and nurturing home for a number of children who had already been receiving educational sponsorship through us for a number of years, and for various reasons, could not have continued their education otherwise.  These children are taken care of by individual sponsors. (Sponsoring a Student Through Sansar Nepal)
  • To provide a base for Sansar Nepal and the projects initiated and lead by us. (See Projects)
  • To provide an educational centre for local children wishing to improve their English, use our library and computers, share our study spaces and join activities offered by our OWPs (One World Participants)
  • To provide rooms for guests and volunteers (OWPs) wishing to spend time at The Garden and so important to our concept of “sansar”, that we are one world, one human race, and that when we come together to learn and share, we create global change.  Room rental for OWPs helps with our running costs, but as it tends to be seasonal, there are many months of the year when no income is generated in this way.

The Garden has served and continues to serve all these purposes and is indeed much more than home to 8 children.

As such, we are appealing for sponsorship to support the other roles of The Garden ie. 2. and 3.

Garden – based projects

  1. Our NGO office is located at The Garden, with photo-copying, scanning and printing facilities.
  2. Our sewing room is used for preparation and training purposes for outreach projects such as the Namaste Girls quilting project and Kaskikot Dalit Women’s sewing project.
  3. Our communal spaces are used for teacher training and other educational courses.
  4. Our outdoor spaces were used for the dental camp in 2015. (2016??)

Educational Centre for local children and young people

Our facilities are regularly used by children and young people living in the neighbourhood and further afield. Friends and relatives of our residents are always welcomed at The Garden, invited to join in activities, use our internet and computers, borrow books and games from the library, share a meal, and even stay for extended periods during the school holidays. We wish for The Garden to be an open house and to provide a welcome to all who come through our doors, but it costs money!