Vision & Mission

We believe in a world in which Nepali youth and adults are equipped with the skills and capabilities to develop themselves, together with the capacity to open hearts and minds in order to deliver community outcomes and lead positive social change.

Our mission is to celebrate and promote the power of education as a driver for change. We support and facilitate access to formal basic education for disadvantaged rural and urban children and youth, encourage life-long learning in underprivileged communities, provide teacher development, and promote leadership among young Nepalese changemakers by creating opportunities for knowledge exchange and impact activities with like-minded individuals from around the world. Equal and mutually respectful relationships lead to win-win outcomes.

The organisation works in two main focus areas: education and lifelong learning (sub focus areas include healthcare, and emergency and humanitarian assistance). SN activities, supported by a local board of directors and international advisory committee, embrace an inclusive approach in which all participants are invited to play an invaluable role. We believe in listening to community needs and input at the grassroots and local levels, using essential interpersonal and communication skills to implement relevant activities and projects that benefit Nepalese society, particularly women and children.