Student Stories

There are a number of young students who are living alone in small rooms nearby, working and studying at the same time, and The Garden plays an important role in their lives. One such student is Jeewan.

Jeewan’s Story

Jeewan is 20 years old. When he was 2 and a half, he was given to a children’s home in Kathmandu where he grew up and lived until a few years ago.  He never knew his parents and has no known family. After achieving his School Leaver’s Certificate at aged 16, he started to work 2 jobs whilst studying at Plus 2 level, and to save his wages for future studies.

In 2017 he applied for and was offered a place at Pokhara Computer Engineering College.

Through a friend in Pokhara, he found a place to sleep in another children’s home, which is next door to The Garden.

As he doesn’t have a room of his own or a quiet place to study, he spends much of his time after college, in the study room at The Garden, working on his computer.  He often eats with the children and sleeps on the couch in the study room.

He is now in his third year of college and has been coming to The Garden for most of that time.

With your help we can provide a “home” for other young people like Jeewan.

We invite you to make a small monthly commitment of USD 50, USD 600 per year  (less than USD 2 a day!), to allows us to continue this important and impactful work.