How You Can Help

thegardenfamily_zoren_880Donate Items or Help With Shipping/Transport

There are still some household items that we need, and we are looking for books and educational materials for our library and resource centre. Please ask to see our “wish list”. We do have a mailing address, and items can be sent directly to the house. The costs of transporting things to Nepal are considerable, so any help with this is much appreciated. If you would be interested in learning more about this, please contact us for more information.

Plan a trip to Nepal

By planning a trip to Nepal with us, and combining it with a visit to The Garden, you will be supporting our project. The proceeds from such trips help fund the NGO and centre. Please visit our Facebook page Sansar Nepal at The Garden ( for images of Nepal and The Garden.

Buy Karuna Jewellery and Crafts

Support Sansar Nepal and The Garden by buying Karuna jewellery and crafts. Currently all proceeds from these sales are used to support The Garden.

Spread the Word

Let others know about our NGO and what we do, and put us in contact with people who might be interested in helping or getting involved.

Send us your Blessings

Last, but definitely not least, please keep us in your minds and hearts; we need your moral support and encouragement to continue to do what we do!

Thank you and Namaste!