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What are we doing?

We are launching a “Warmth for Winter” appeal. Its aim is to provide warm clothes (and blankets if needed) primarily for children, but also for vulnerable adults. For only GBP13 | USD20 | EUR20 | RM60 you can ensure that a child or vulnerable adult will be warmer this winter.

Why are we doing this?

Nisha (a teacher and young Nepalese Board member of Sansar Nepal) recently made a further visit to the displaced persons tin sheet camp on the outskirts of Kathmandu. She was accompanied by her friends who work in the same school: Sita Basnet, Brizzesh Chaulagain, Suraj Pandey and Bijay Pradhan (Nisha’s tuition student, studying in grade 10).

The purpose of their visit was to gather all the camp children and take them (on her and their day off school!) on a shopping trip for warm clothes and blankets. We are pleased to report that this successful, small-scale assistance was made possible due to the existing generosity of Sansar donors following our earthquake appeal.

The visit has brought home to us the severity of the ongoing difficulties that the Nepalese people, both young and old, continue to face in remote villages, as well as closer to urban areas. These difficulties are becoming even more severe as winter quickly approaches. Sadly for the Nepalese, the earthquake, as devastating as it was, is now just a backdrop and exacerbating factor for the current difficulties that they face.

Nepal is a land-locked country, historically reliant upon India for overland supplies of fuel and medication. However, there is currently a dispute between the two countries, which, three months in, shows no signs of being resolved. The result is a scarcity of fuel and medical supplies and an extortionate black market economy for essential items to keep people mobile, fed, warm and well. Inevitably it is the most vulnerable in Nepalese society who are suffering the most. To provide some idea of the extent of country’s difficulties, Nepal features alongside Iraq, Sudan and Syria in the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOHA) for severe, large-scale humanitarian crises. Check out this UN video on YouTube. Please note this predates the current fuel crisis.

Due to the fuel crisis, Sansar Nepal’s recent visits to schools have, by necessity, been close to the Pokhara area. Our exploratory visits have shown that your help is still very much needed, for both earthquake and non-earthquake survivors.  Hence the launch of our “Warmth for Winter” appeal.

Following Nisha’s recent experiences, Sansar Nepal is confident that we can meet the need in locally identified schools/communities, thus ensuring that the maximum amount of donations reaches those in need, and is not swallowed up by transport costs.

What can you do to help?

If you would like to donate to this appeal, please visit our Donations page, making it clear that your donation is for the Warmth for Winter campaign so we can ensure funds are allocated appropriately.

Financial donations are obviously important but if you are unable to donate, you can still help by raising awareness. Please visit our Facebook page and like and share our launch so we can spread the information on what is happening in Nepal.

Thank you.

Check our Facebook and News pages for updates on the work being carried out.

We are grateful for the donations already received. They are already being used to purchase and deliver supplies to outlying villages.

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Please give generously. There is great need and you can help us to help those who are suffering now.

Many thanks.