UPDATE : Mandy volunteering in Nepal

Apologies for the lack of recent updates on the Sansar Nepal webpage. (Remember, you can always check our Facebook page for updates.) However, now that the monsoon is over, relief work is resuming.

I am presently in Kathmandu spending some time as an Occupational Therapist in a mental health rehabilitation centre.

It was great to meet up with Michelle and Soma to do some research on behalf of Sansar Nepal. We are researching how best to distribute the remaining earthquake monies due to all the wonderful donations from all over the world. We planned to visit a village about a one-hour drive away from Kathmandu and, in spite of being so close to the capital city, it is still struggling to rebuild its community. To date, it has had no external support, Nepalese or otherwise.

It has proved difficult to do anything during monsoon and since, due to a fuel crisis here in Nepal. The monsoon now seems to be over, but our driver queued for 48 hours to get fuel for his vehicle – hence the trip out of Kathmandu on the 4th November 2015. Once we were off the main road between Kathmandu and Pokhara, the local (and very uneven!) track became very difficult, and at times we had to get out of the vehicle to reduce the weight in order for it to negotiate the pot holes.

However, when we arrived we were treated with such kindness and hospitality despite the basic facilities (tents and tin roofs) due to the earthquake. We were offered posies and garlands from marigolds that grow wild there. We were fed and watered with such kindness and generosity. It was lovely, unexpected, humbling and a memorable birthday!

The village is keen to have its school rebuilt, and this was the reason for our visit. We have a number of other places to see, so that we can best determine where and how Sansar’s funds will be spent, and will update you all when we can.

Mandy Peacock

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