Read About Prakash’s Aid Efforts, In His Own Words

1. Experience of Helping The Victims Of Earthquake

It is a great duty to help others in their life who are victims of something. In Nepal there was an earthquake which caused a really big disturbance in the life of the people. Many houses are broken. People have no place to sit even, no food to eat, no place to study.

When I saw this problem it was really bad for me. There was nothing that I can do. I am a student at the moment . So I have to help others in my life who need help. i should not be selfish.

I have been to many places like Fujel, Dhaidung, Tapukot, Karabari etc. Many People have died. The people who are alive are also having really big problems because they have no food to eat, no place to sit and sleep, no place to study.

In the same way, our NGO Sansar Nepal has helped many victims by providing food,mosquito nets, Tripal , we have worked with other organisations like Nepal Bharat, Mati Shang, Pen Network, and many others.

Me myself have been to many places and helped the victims of the earthquake. Many people there where explaining about the hardship of their lives and what to do for the coming generation.

From my view now it is necessary to take part actively in helping the children in providing them with education. Many schools have been broken. So it is our duty to take part in building schools and providing education for the people. Children who are really victims are really worried about the education and they are thinking that education is most important. I also think the same.

Now in the coming days i will also take part actively. I will help the people who need help. I would like to say thank you all the donors who are helping for the earthquake from the bottom of my heart

2. Experience Of Helping The People Of Dhaibung

We heard the news from the Dhaibuing chairman (Biswas Nepali). They all were low cast. Nobody was happy to help these people although the government has provided the food. There is still a cast system in our country in the remote areas. This place called Dhaibung is also in a remote area. We did not have sufficient funds to help all the people of Dhaibung. There were 50 houses in the village. Each house has 4 to 7 members. So we were searching for other organisations or groups to work with. We met Bickey Gurung who is a computer engineer. Bickey Gurung and his office members (Ganesh, Anusha, Santos, Sanjay) had been to Sindhupalchok a few days before.

So it was easy for us to take part and work with them. They were also raising funds from other people. So together, we had enough funds. We had a meeting in our house about things to take. Then we contacted Biwash Nepali. Then they sent us the list of the things they need. Then we got all the things that they need and we packed them.

We packed all the things in such a way that they were easy to us to deliver and helpful to the people of the village. We took clothes to the people. There were many people suffering from malnutrition. They were unhealthy. They had no food to eat and no place to sleep. They could not work properly. Some people had no clothes to wear.

We all saw these problems with our own eyes. The life of the people was difficult and they were really hopeless. They could not do anything.

I had a children’s group who were 12 to 16 years. They were really worried about their family and their study. I asked them their aims. More than 90% of the children want to study and want to become engineers, teachers, social workers etc. Some of the children were crying with me. Some of the children were talking about their lives. They were asking me what to do. They were really happy to see us.

Me and the members of the Pen network went there and distributed the things. The food stuffs we took will be enough for 3 weeks. It was a long journey. It took nearly 11 hours to reach that place. All the group was really tired. We were really hungry too. We drank fresh mountain water. I loved it. Then at 8:30 we reached a small hotel and had dinner. We all are a lot!

Then we had no place to sleep. So we all slept in the truck were we took the things. Our backs were really hurting in the daytime because we had no proper place to sit. Then I said to our group, ‘This life is really hard, isn’t it?’. Then again we went to another village called Peaplgar. The condition was also the same. Then we gave food to 70 houses in this village. Then we came back to Pokhara. We left this place at 9:00 am. We reached Pokhara at 5:30 pm. We all were exhausted. Then it was time to leave my group, so I said goodbye to everyone and came back to our house.

Thank You.

Prakash Gautam

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