What Has Been Accomplished With Your Donations

Dear friends,

It is now almost 2 months since the first devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25th April 2015. Since then, members of Sansar Nepal and friends have been working continuously to channel your donations to the most needy victims of the earthquake in various parts of the country. It has not been an easy task, but with your generous donations and the close team work with some exceptional Nepalese friends and organisations, we have been able to send a continuous stream of emergency supplies to villages in desperate need.

We will shortly be posting some compelling reports written by our young volunteers, describing their experiences delivering earthquake relief in the field.

We are extremely grateful for all the donations we have received and are still receiving, whatever the amounts. They have all combined to make these many relief drives possible, and to enable Sansar Nepal to continue to provide aid to those in need in this crucial time period before the monsoon rains make the situation even more dire. The people whom we have helped are truly grateful – for the supplies and also for the fact that they have not been forgotten by the world and that their plight has been recognised. We hope that the photos we have posted capture some of the emotions that have been shared. Our visits brought hope to tired, desperate people and the knowledge that they are not alone. The simple fact that people were willing to make the hazardous journey to their remote villages meant so very much to them.

The relief efforts are ongoing. Currently our team members are up in villages inaccessible by road, delivering supplies on foot and helping to erect rudimentary temporary shelters for children to continue some form of schooling. The children are particularly traumatised by the continuing earthquakes (according to the Nepal Seismological Centre there have been 325 earthquakes and aftershocks of 4.0 magnitude or higher, since the first one struck in Gorkha), and such shelters are a priority to provide a sense of comfort and normality, along with the food supplies, tents, blankets, etc..

We appeal to you to spread the word and to keep the donations coming in. Whatever we receive will make a difference. There are still many remote villages in dire need of aid. Some of these are very hard to reach at the best of times, and, with the onset of the monsoons, will be almost inaccessible. However we will endeavour to bring help to these villages in the difficult months ahead.

For information, below is a summary of the assistance provided in May. As you can see, we were able to assist 26 villages, helping at least 7,000 people. For a small, newly formed NGO, we feel that with your support, we have made an important contribution to earthquake relief in Nepal, and will continue to strive to bring hope and practical assistance wherever possible.


On behalf of the people of Nepal, we would like to thank all of you who have played a part in this.

Michelle and the Sansar Nepal Team